Yeah so I'm the wife of an Episcopal Preist and now we have a kid and so much of our lives is odd - quite odd - I'm finally writing it down in a public place.
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December 4, 2004 by redukulele
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December 2, 2004 by redukulele
Tonight my son who is four months old (although he is really almost 20 weeks - it all seems so important to other people so i try to keep it straight) was sitting on my lap (which amazes me - a month ago he couldn't really do something that would be considered sitting on my lap) and he leaned forward and put his cheek on my chest and had his arms out. Its as if he hugged me. In my mind he was hugging me - like he knew what a hug actually is. But somewhere in the back of my head i realize that at...
December 2, 2004 by redukulele
I'm not entirely sure i plan to tell anyone that this is here. For those of you who may have stumbled upon this i must warn you of a few things:

1) i'm pretty much clueless about blog etiquette - is it called bletiquette
2) i'm a horrible speller
3) i'm a horrible capitalizer (is that a word)
4) oh yeah - my use of the personal pronoun is often WRONG
5) i've never figured out the correct use of a comma

i plan to use this page to talk about all of the odd and unexepted things that happe...